Advil is a great temporary relief for arthritis. The drawback of course is that it is a drug and no drug works without side effects.  If you would like to stay pain free and healthy for the long run I encourage you to visit a Chiropractor.  Chiropractors help give you back what you’ve been missing; Motion.  Arthritis is a result of aberrant and decreased motion.  When a joint doesn’t move it doesn’t get the vital nutrition and information it needs to be healthy.  Only through motion does the joint become lubricated and nourished.  That same motion is also how the brain communicates with the joint. When joint motion is lost, communication is lost and the results can be things like arthritis.  A Chiropractor can help you get joint motion back, which will restore communication to the brain, thereby allowing the body to work as the self developing, self maintaining, self healing awesomeness that is known to be YOU and your body!  When your joints move your body thrives, and when your body thrives you live your best expression of LIFE!  And, isn’t that what we all want?  To live our best LIFE?  I know I do.  I’m sure you do to.  Chiropractors are an all natural, drug free approach to health and healing through the Chiropractic adjustment.  The adjustment restores motion, ensures nourishment and improves brain communication to your joints and body.  When your body communicates better with itself, the end result is better function.  When you have better function, you don’t have to take Advil for your arthritis anymore, because your body will no longer be experiencing the underlying problem stemming from decreased joint motion.  I care about your heath and I encourage you to come see me, Dr. Melissa, or a Chiropractor in your area.  Will you please consider it?  

Thank you for reading!